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Kameron White




Minneapolis, MN


An Art Student that Loves making comics too much


Born and Raised in Houston, TX. Was drawing and watching anime/cartoons since basically birth. Got into comics not much later. Attended the Houston Highschool for the Performing and Visual Arts, mainly specializing in illustration. Now attends MCAD and wants to major in Comic Art as well as work in Illustration.

An aspiring comic book illustrator and storyboard artist.

I am a comic and illustration artist who works with traditional and digital mediums, including ink, pencil, watercolor, and Photoshop. My work attempts to make characters that are not common in the comic book and story book world. At the same time, my work tries to create characters that anyone can relate to and can enjoy. The characters I work with consist of a diverse group. Characters of Color, queer and trans characters, characters of different body size, and characters with disabilities, and characters of various backgrounds. Growing up, I did not see many characters like myself in terms of race, personality, sexuality, experience, or body type. In my body of work, I want to include as much diversity as I can. This reflects the society we live in today and is truthful, not whitewashed. Whether a realistic or fantasy story, the characters I include will be a variety of people, much like the world we live in today. A piece I have been recently working on includes a series where I reinvent lesser-known mythological deities around the world, uncommon in the west, and place them in a graphic novel. In this graphic novel I will explore diversity, flaws, frailty, jealousy, greed, power conflicts, love, humanity and much more pertaining to these characters. Visually, Include texture relating to the scenery as well as vary the line work between thick brush marks and tight thin lines. Each character visually has their own unique design using this brushwork. The panels vary in the unique way from uniform to chaotic. The graphic novel is in pages rather than book form. My audience is inclusive and will definitely not be pointed towards one group.


Graphic Design Teacher

isteam summer camp

Houston, TX · june – august

Occupation where I taught digital art and graphic design to children at a summer camp.



Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Minneapolis, MN · 2014 – Present

I am studying Comic art as well as Illustration

2017 Navigate (Group), Gallery 148 MCAD, Minneapolis, MN
2016 Listen Now! (Group), Minneapolis College of Art and Design Library, Minneapolis, MN
2015 Backbone} 1492 (Group), Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN
2015 Magical Me (Group), Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN
2015 Merge Raw Artists (Group), Pourhouse, Minneapolis, MN
2013 Human Behavior (Group), Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, TX
Juried Show
2012 Afterwards Show (Group), Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, TX
Juried Show

Illustration, Comic Art, Digital Art